Rifles Gun Sound Effects Pack 01

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Rifle Gun Sound Effects for FPS games, videos, editing and more!

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Elevate your weapon sound design with the Rifles Sound Effects Pack 01, edited into one-shots from Aftertouch Audio’s Master Gun The Armoury Bundle. Captured with unparalleled precision using cutting-edge techniques, microphones, and recording equipment. The guns include an extensive collection of shots and foley recordings.

We not only captured an extensive collection of shots, but we also included a deep collection of mechanical sounds. We recorded everything from Bolt Release, Charging Back, Charging Forward, Dry Fire, Lock Bolt Open, Mag In, Mag Out, Mag Slap, Selector Switch Full Auto, Selector Switch Safe, Selector Switch Semi, Trigger Pull, Trigger Release, Weapon Grab, & Weapon Pickup. 

The Master Gun Collection features 20 expertly placed microphones:
We have included 3 stereo body microphones, 1 stereo mech microphone pair, 2 stereo muzzle microphones, 1 stereo 10-foot microphone pair, 1 stereo 50-foot microphone pair, 1 stereo 150-foot microphone pair, & 1 stereo 250-foot microphone pair. In our experiments, we found the mech microphones were the most important microphones in capturing the character of the guns, so we spared no expense and placed 2 Neumann KRM 81i mt’s only millimeters away from the mech of the gun. We also used these Neumanns to capture all of the foley for each gun.




Tylers Mixes: Includes an Aggressive 1st Person Stereo Mix with and without tails
Aaron Mixes:
Includes a well-rounded mix with 1st person and mid-perspective mixes for game-ready implementation

— Guns in this pack —
• AK-12
• HK G3
• LMT M4
• Marlin Model 1894
• Remington M1903A3

[ This gun sound library is a partnership with Aftertouch Audio ]

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