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Royalty free game music tracks and sound effects from $1.19

Over 1500 music tracks and sound effects, lovingly crafted for video games.

The go-to for Game Music.

99% of our music is loopable with various mixes and comes with royalty free game sound effectsSearch for music with Game Genre filters like RPG, Fantasy, and Casual. All our music tracks are YouTube Safe!

Curated Video Game Music Library.

Our royalty-free music tracks have no massive volume changes, sit well in the background yet still captivate the listeners — Search for our music library using game terms such as ‘victory’, ‘town’, and ‘boss battle’.

Affordable and Flexible Licensing.

We offer 6 different and upgradable licenses. Make the additional payment only when your game’s reach increases. Our common game license already includes game downloads of up to 20,000!

Royalty free Music for Video Games

Video Game Music Library

Face a problem finding loopable royalty free music for video games, 
and the license for video games?

Here at W.O.W Sound, we are for game developers, and we offer video game music licenses at a discounted price!
A mood or a game genre inspires our game music packs – Easily find music packs or tracks that work well together based on their series, prefix and suffix.

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We’ve supplied music to the video gaming companies of all sizes, from solo game developers to video game companies with a team of hundreds, as well as advertising agencies, films, TV series and post-production houses from all over the world.

How does it work?

We’ve made our licensing flexible, affordable and upgradable.

Simply browse our music tracks, preview, download samples to test in your project, and purchase a license online with PayPal. Immediately after the purchase, you will receive a download link for the track(s).