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Royalty free game music tracks and sound effects from $1.19

Over 1000 music tracks and sound effects, lovingly crafted for video games.

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The go-to for Game Music.
Music for all styles of video game from casual to fantasy and action also comes with royalty free game sound effects. We even catergorize our music by Game Genre. Have a listen and find your video game’s perfect track.

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Curated Video Game Music Library.
Top-quality royalty free game music tracks and sounds for games, crafted by music composers with years of experience in writing music for video games, films, and media. New music added every month.

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Affordable and Flexible Licensing.
Upgrade as you go, only making additional payment as your game’s reach increases. Our goal is to provide the best royalty free game music for game developers, no matter their budget or team size.

Royalty free Music for Video Games

Video Game Music Library

Welcome to our royalty free music for video games, our team of music composers’ mission is to bring you the latest and highest quality game music.
We write music tracks and create sound effects specially tailored for video games! All our tracks are exclusive, copyright clear and safe for
YouTube & Vimeo. Be sure to check out our game music bundles for the best value for money purchases!
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We’ve supplied music to the video gaming companies of all sizes, from solo game developers to video game companies with a team of hundreds, as well as advertising agencies, films, TV series and post-production houses from all over the world.

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