W.O.W Sound

We are a provider of unique and high-quality royalty free music tracks and sound effects for games, films and any form of media! We release new tracks every month!

Fun Fact – W.O.W stands for Walking on Water!

The Team

We’re a team of music composers and sound designers from Singapore with a passion for music and sound, currently on the journey to craft the highest quality royalty free and most up-to-date music tracks and sounds effects for your projects!

Curated Game Music Library

Our team has years of experience in writing music for video games, films, and media, and are members of professional performing rights organizations such as BMI and COMPASS! All our music track and sound effect are lovingly crafted for video games!

How Does it Work?

We’ve made our licensing flexible, affordable and upgradable.

Simply browse our tracks, preview, download samples to test in your project, and purchase a license online with PayPal. Immediately after the purchase, you will receive a download link for the track(s).