Looking for audio services? Here’s the rough estimate of the services we provide!

Music Composition

Need custom music composition or music arrangement for video games, commercials, or film? Let us craft the music together to portray the best emotion and character for your story. We cover an array of music from emotional, to orchestral and ambient music pieces – created with samples. Starting at USD600 per min of music for Video Games - music with 15-20 instruments, 1 major change in direction, and a perpetual license. (Rate does not include fees for any additional recording of real instruments or orchestral.)

*Ambient music or simpler music with less than 8 instruments, the rate starts at USD400 for Video Games. For commercial and film rates, please email us the scope and reach of your project so we can give an accurate quote.

Sound Design

We enjoy telling the story using sound design! From magic spells to create an immersive soundscape, we will ensure that every sound has its unique flavor that is distinct to your game or media project. The Sound Designers at WOW Sound are here to help create ambiance, draw out emotion and set the mood using sounds. (For smaller game projects with less than 20 SFX: USD40 – 90 per SFX, including similar variations)

*For bigger game projects with more than 20 SFX, we will charge a rate for the whole project. So email us the details and the intended platform of your game project or other media project.

Audio Editing and Mixing

Here at W.O.W Sound, we also do audio-post and mixing services to make the sound of your commercial, film, and music appealing to listeners. We make sure the key elements of sound are heard in your project. Not only that, we provide cleanups services for audio and voice-over recordings.

*Our rates for VO clean-up with mixing services are calculated at USD100 per minute of video

If you have any other questions, please write to us at [email protected], and we will be in touch soon!

Library Showcase

Here are some examples of how our music is being used!



  • OBS Short Film by CampUp Studio (Sound Effects and Mixing)
  • Ghost of Dragon by Meta Interaction (Music and Sound Effects) [Currently in Development]
  • Bifesta Sebum Wipe by CampUp Studio (Sound Effects, VO recording and Mixing)
  • 2 PMO Video by CampUp Studio (Sound Effects and Mixing)


  • Relentless (Zombie Battleground) by Loom Network (Music and Sound Effects)
  • Nivea Body Lotion (2 Ads) by CampUp Studio (Sound Effects and Mixing)
  • Temple Raid by Loom Network (Sound Effects)
  • Biker Bolt by Loom Network (Sound Effects)
  • Bifesta 6s Ad Bumper by CampUp Studio (Music, Sound Effects and Mixing)


  • Rust Re-make by Luke Jurd (1 Music Re-arrangement)
  • Last Day on Earth: Survival by Kefir Games (Exploration Music Pack and 5 Music)
  • Etherboy by Loom Network (Music and Sound Effects)
  • Nivea Rose Micellar Water by CampUp Studio (Sound Effects and Mixing)
  • Nivea 6s Make-Up Wipe Ad by CampUp Studio (Sound Effects and Mixing)