Looking for audio services? Send us information regarding your project and what services do you need from us at [email protected]!

Music Composition

Need custom music composition or music arrangement for video games, commercials, animation, and film? Let us craft the music together to portray the best emotion and character for your story. We cover an array of music from emotional, to orchestral and ambient music pieces – created with samples, and recorded instruments.

Sound Design

We enjoy telling the story using sound design! From magic spells to create an immersive soundscape, we will ensure that every sound has its unique flavor that is distinct to your game or media project. The Sound Designers at W.O.W Sound are here to help create ambiance, draw out emotion and set the mood using sounds. We also take pride in having our unique library of audio and record material that is specific to the project.

Audio Editing and Mixing

Here at W.O.W Sound, we also do audio-post and mixing services to make the sound of your commercial, film, and music appealing to listeners. We make sure the key elements of sound are heard in your project. Not only that, we provide cleanups services for audio and voice-over recordings.

Our Showreel

In the meantime, have a look at some of our showreels.