W.O.W Sound Starter Pack [ 1 var ]

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5 Music Tracks | 6 Sound Effects

Get started with some music and sound effects absolutely free! This starter pack is a collection of music and sound effects are chosen from our existing music packs! Download them now! Works great for casual games, puzzle games, children games, and any games with a cute art style!

Music Track List

  1. Casual Game Music: Level 2 (no percussion)
  2. Casual Game Music 3: Treehouse (SPRING Lite 1 Loop)
  3. Cute Romantic Music 2: Jealousy (Lite Loop)
  4. Cartoon Spooky: Safe Haven (Short Loop)
  5. Space Bobble: In-Game Theme 02 (30s End)

SFX Track List

  1. Casual Game Music: Game Lose 1 (fast)
  2. Casual Game Music 3: Cute Chirpy Button_03_2
  3. Casual Game Music 3: Save Load 02_2
  4. Cute Social Game: Simple UI 03
  5. Light Quiz: Win Sting 01_3
  6. Light Fantasy Music [Twilight Dream]: Negative Sting 02_02

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Use it freely under the Creative Commons License in your multimedia project (games, online videos, websites, animations, etc.) as long as you credit W.O.W Sound with a link to our website.

Want more information on the individual free music and sound effect tracks? Please click here. 🎵

Read the Tutorial blog post: https://bit.ly/Music_tutorial

[ Format ]
wav – stereo, 44kHz, 16bit



Media ID Variation Trackname Time BPM Download
10193 Demo Track W.O.W Sound Starter Pack 0:50


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