Relaxing Fantasy Music Bundle [ 26 var ]

Relaxing Fantasy Music Bundle

26 Music Tracks, Handpicked from 13 Music Libraries, 1.2GB

Relaxing Fantasy Music Bundle is a curated list of 26 of our most beautiful fantasy music tracks across 13 fantasy music libraries. Bring your listeners to a brand new fantasy world with this peaceful music, immersive music, meditation music, harp music, and thematic and soothing music. Suitable for background music in games, study music, meditation, or videos featuring magical forests, elf, nature, spirits. These relaxing fantasy music tracks also work great for RPGs, explore and discover new maps, fantasy worlds, magical ruins, enchanting gardens, and more!

The video game music tracks found in this bundle are Royalty free, which means you don’t need to pay additional royalty payments, but only a one-time fixed fee for the license to use the music track on your game and project.

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1. Save up to $324 (reg. price $$573)
– Purchasing Relaxing Fantasy Music bundle VS Individual Tracks (Common + Silver media license) 
2. Unlock the highest tier license (Legendary + Platinum License)!
3. Unlock an unlimited number of uses!


Casual Game Music 4 [Fantasy], Cinematic Orchestral Adventure Music, Cute Romantic Music 2, Cute Social Game Music 2 [Super Relax], Emotional Fantasy Music, Exploration Game Music, Garden of Eden, Immersive Beautiful Ambient Music, Light RPG Music, Relaxing Guitar Music, Space Adventure Music, Tree of Life Music, Light Fantasy Music [Twilight Dream]

[ Format ]
wav – stereo, 44.1kHz / 48kHz, 16bit

[ License ]
Single-user. Unlimited audience reach, units, commercial and non-commercial games, videos and media projects. Full License Details.



13097Full LoopCGM4_Ancient_Shrine1:12
6509Full LoopCR2_Bittersweet0:57
17305Full LoopRG_Campfire2:20
14432Full LoopSA_Celestial2:24
7416Full LoopEG_Dreamworld3:31
8522Full LoopTD_Dwelling_Place02:40
13118Full LoopCGM4_Fairy_Harp1:18
16810Full LoopLRPG_Fairy's_Awakening1:18
12881Full LoopToL_First_Steps2:15
17329Full LoopRG_Forest_Folk2:13
14451Full LoopSA_Galaxy_Star2:13
16851Full LoopLRPG_Heartland_Town1:53
16873Full LoopLRPG_Intertwined_Destinies2:09
13123Full LoopCGM4_Lake_of_Dreams1:33
13145Full LoopCGM4_Moon_Forest1:56
7299Full LoopToL_Next_Journey2:25
12399Full LoopSR_Nightfall1:16
13164Full LoopCGM4_Sail_to_the_Stars1:46
16830Full LoopLRPG_Sunflower0:56
16893Full LoopLRPG_Tabitha's_Past2:11
16915Full LoopLRPG_Tale_of_Aurora1:43
11373Full LoopEF_Teardrops1:20
12584Full LoopIBA_The_Universe1:53
7256Full LoopToL_Main_Theme1:49
7195Full LoopGoE_World_Map_Extended2:16
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