CDA Super Hero [ 6 var ]

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Song/Track Name: Super Hero
BMI Work #: 46938108
ISWC: T-301.145.167-1
Composer First and Middle Name: Sing Huey
Composer Last Name: Lee
PRO Affiliation: BMI

Media ID Variation Trackname Time BPM Download
23031 Full Loop CDA Super Hero FULL Loop 1:41 133
23029 End Stinger CDA Super Hero End Stinger 0:07 133
23030 Full End CDA Super Hero FULL End 1:55 133
23032 Intro Stinger CDA Super Hero Intro Stinger 0:07 133
23033 No Perc Loop CDA Super Hero No Perc Loop 1:41 133
23034 Short Loop CDA Super Hero Short Loop 0:28 133


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