Are you looking for music tracks to re-create the nostalgic classic retro games during the 1970-1990s? Browse our selection of background music tracks with that nostalgic, electronic and happy sound.

These retro music tracks, or also known as chiptune, were created with many different synthesizer sounds, beats, drums, pads, and textures to bring back the crunchy, lo-fi textures sound of the old Sega, Nintendo and Gameboy era. Featuring music tracks that range from pure chiptune to modern retro music mixed with real instruments, and futuristic, edgy synth sounds. These tracks are great for racing games, shooting games, fast action arcade games, retro 8-bit games, modern pixel games, platformers, pixel styled Role-playing Games (RPG). You can also use the music tracks in commercials, tv programs, films, and movies.

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