Are you finding anime music for your story, script or plot? Look no further! Browse our collection of royalty free anime music that works great for major Japanese Anime Genres such as action, adventure, comedy, drama, slice of life and romance!

This collection features a variety of moods ranging from cheerful to jealousy, romantic, embarrassment, sadness, happy, relaxing, romantic, dark, action and even mischievous for the various story plots and twists you can expect to find in an Anime story. Evoke your audience’s emotion and pull their heartstrings through music into your Anime’s storyline or Japanese game. Music is a language of emotion, and it can help create a unique bond with the characters in a story. Use this royalty free anime music collection in your episode series, manga videos, mini-movies, music videos, fan videos or Anime-styled games! Download our watermarked tracks and try them in your project before committing to buy!

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