This collection is inspired by a variety of detective and crime fiction. This unique collection of music provides a wonderful backdrop for solving mysteries and for exploring unknown planets in the vast universe.

Need music to keep your player and viewer on the edge of their seat? This mystery collection has a range of music composed for that purpose. From classic Sherlock Holmes to the modern police procedural, haunting music themes, mysterious orchestral pieces, emotive piano themes, there is a theme for every scene and setting. This collection of audio assets work great for mystery crime, horror, survival and also role-playing games. Recommended using for horror, adventure, paranormal, supernatural, mystery, action, thriller, zombie and even sci-fi alien games. All audio assets crafted professionally by musicians and sound designers to make your game stand out. All music is of high-quality and loops seamlessly too.

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  • Anime Horror Music Pack

    Featuring 4 horror soundtrack and 9 sound effects with haunting melodies, choir, and recorded vocals to add ...
  • Noir – Crime and Corruption Music Pack

    Noir - Crime & Corruption Music Pack features 5 beautifully orchestrated and recorded musical tracks! Great for mystery, ...
  • Dark Mystery Music Pack [Tale of Two Sisters]

    7 Dark mystery music ranging from a piano arrangement to full orchestral pieces. Works great for mystery ...


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