Listen to our collection of Horror game music tracks and sound effects that are fitting for horror games!

A collection of scary and suspense background music that is perfect for horror, supernatural, crime solving and Halloween themed games! Horror game music is beautifully haunting and gives a feeling of uneasiness. This horror music collection also features music suitable for horror or spooky games with a comical and playful side. Scary soundtrack that is drone-like with a dark underscore is also a part of this horror collection when you need the music to take a backseat at specific scenarios. Give your game and any other media a boost of spine-chilling terror with our horror genre music tracks! All music tracks are hand-curated, of high quality, original and loopable. There are also horror battle music, cinematic loops, driving hypnotic loops, investigative tension loops as well as mysterious and suspenseful loops available. Try them out by downloading the watermarked tracks before committing to buy!

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  • Dark Mystery Music Pack [Tale of Two Sisters]

    7 Music, 7 Music stingers and Jingles and 28 SFXs (UIs: Clicks, Error, Confirm & more!) 7 Dark ...
  • Cartoon Spooky Music Pack

    7 Music and 4 Event Stingers! Fun, playful and spooky adventurous music for any Halloween, mysterious and dark ...
  • Immersive Dark Ambient Music Pack

    6 loop-able dark and immersive music soundscape! Bonus additional stinger included! Music soundscapes are minimal yet luscious with ...