Video Game Voices Sound Effects Pack

1554 Sound Effects

Over 1500+ vocal efforts across 10 voice actors (5 Male and 5 Female)

Each voice includes emotions like Anger, Celebrations, Cheer, Crying, Disappointed, Excitement, Laughter, and Sadness. We have also captured 7 types of attacks, 5 types of pain, 4 types of efforts, inhales and exhales, running, and 11 different magical shouts. Perfect for any role-playing game, battle arena game, fighting games, visual novels, puzzles, match-three, and horror games! In addition, every sound clip is edited as a one-shot to make game implementation easy!

▼ What's Inside: Adventurous Man (156), Anime Girl (153), Anime Teen (153), Big Man (153), Large Man (162), Little Boy (156), Little Girl (156), Teen Boy (156), Warrior Woman (153), Woman (156)  — VIEW SOUND LIST

◦ Wav: 16-bit, 48kHz, mono | 1554 Audio Files, 252 MB | Metadata embedded

Available in Value Pack & Single Tracks | YouTube Safe | Get Unlimited Music & SFX

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Tracks in this pack