What is a PRO?

PROs, also known as Performance rights organizations are music rights management organizations that have existing agreements with TV networks, radio stations, and other public broadcasters. These broadcasting stations report to the respective PROs using a cue sheet on all the music used in their content: TV series, films, radio, and public performance. With this information, the PROs remunerate artists based on how often their music is played.

*Please note that submitting a cue-sheet does not cost you, or the broadcaster any additional money. Broadcasting companies pay an annual blanket license to PROs, and the license fees are the same whether cue-sheets are submitted or not. This is to ensure the payment is distributed correctly to the composer whose music was used in the broadcasts. Many music composers depend on these payments to make a living. All 100% of the royalties collected go to our artists, W.O.W Sound does not take any cut.

A few examples of a PRO in the United States
are ASCAP, BMI, in the UK, PRS, Singapore, COMPASS, and so on.

So What then is Royalty-free Music?

At “royalty free music” means a licensor pay a one-time fee to gain the legal right to sync a piece of music to a project(s). Your project may be commercials, video games, Youtube videos, films, documentaries, presentations, flash websites, or instructional videos. However, this does not mean the composer is not entitled to royalties from broadcasting companies when their music is used in public performances & broadcasts such as radio, TV series, and films.

When Do I need to use a Cue-sheet?

You will only need a cue-sheet when you are using music for a production that is to be publicly performed on a television network, radio station, theatrical release (e.g. films or videos). The cue-sheet is usually prepared by producers or the licensor of the production. 

Please remember to fill in the detailed listing of each piece of music used. Include the names of the music composer, the type of usage of the music, the length of the music, and the title of each music track on the cue-sheet.

Where do I find the information needed to fill in the cue-sheet?

You can find the details on the music track’s page.
[Example Link:]

Song/Track Name: Afternoon Tea
BMI Work #: 41361833
ISWC: T-931.187.142-8
Composer First and Middle Name: Sing Ern
Composer Last Name: Lee
PRO Affiliation: BMI

If you have problems finding the information you need for your cue-sheet, feel free to email us at [email protected] (Do note that if the track’s page is empty, it means that the music is not registered with any PROs)

What should I do with the cue-sheet?

Send a copy of your cue-sheet to every PROs that are listed on your cue-sheet. Currently, our music composers are registered to only BMI and COMPASS, so you’ll only need to send them to these two PROs. Please also send a copy of the cue-sheet to us at [email protected]

Please also take a look at our Licenses, FAQ, Terms & Conditions and License Agreement.