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The music tracks in our music pack are lovingly crafted and carefully selected to fit the various game genres ranging from casual, fantasy, horror, action and more! All music within a music pack is of a common sound palette and theme, and each music pack comes with their respective music stingers, jingles, and sound effects!

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  • Tree of Life Music Pack

    3 Immersive and Beautiful Music Loop with variations! Also comes with 9 Event Stingers and 1 Jingle ...
  • Immersive Dark Ambient Music Pack

    6 loop-able dark and immersive music soundscape! Bonus additional stinger included! Music soundscapes are minimal yet luscious with ...
  • Casual Game Music Pack

    7 original high-quality loop-able music of various moods, 2 win/lose loop-able jingles and 4 win/lose stingers! Catchy, fun and ...
  • The Adventure Begins Music Pack

    2 exciting and adventurous orchestral music to kickstart your game! Music is grand and uplifting, perfect for ...
  • Space Bobble Music Pack

    2 cute, fun and exciting spaced-theme music with different variations! Suitable for a visually cute puzzle or ...
  • 8 Bit Heroes of Canaan Complete Pack

    3 Music and 9 SFXs! A basic collection of classic raw 8-bit music and stingers for any ...
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