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Browse music for all styles of video game from casual to fantasy and action also comes with royalty-free game sound effects. The music tracks in our music pack are lovingly crafted and carefully selected to fit the various game genres ranging from casual, RPG, fantasy, horror, action and more! All music within a music pack is of a common sound palette and theme, and each music pack comes with their respective music stingers, jingles, and sound effects!

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  • Light RPG Music Pack 3 Ambiance

    Enjoy a relaxing, light-hearted, and slow-paced fantasy adventure with these 5 music tracks in our new Light ...
  • Light RPG Music Pack 2 Thematic

    Enter into a fantasy world as a traveler or an adventurer with vast, beautiful landscapes, villages, and ...
  • Casual Game Music Pack 5 Paris

    This new series of lovely and endearing music pieces brings you to Paris! These 4 music tracks ...
  • Retro Nostalgia RPG Music Pack

    Travel back in time to the days of MMORPG games like Flyff, Maplestory, and Ragnarok with these ...
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    5.00 out of 5
  • Anime Horror Music Pack

    Featuring 4 horror soundtrack and 9 sound effects with haunting melodies, choir, and recorded vocals to add ...
  • Relaxing Guitar Music Pack

    Relaxing guitar music pack features 5 soothing, calming, and peaceful background guitar music! It also comes with ...
  • Alt. Electronic Dance Music Pack

    Put on your dancing shoes and groove to these 5 electro-pop dance music tracks! This music pack ...
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