Magic Sound Effect Bundle [ 3 var ]

Twin RPG Magic sound effect Bundle

Features → Mix and Match Sounds | Combo & Designed Sounds

Our magic sound effects come in separate layers like ‘Cast’, ‘Impact’, ‘Shoot’, ‘Loop’, and variations to create the most unique and fitting magic sound for your magic animation. Use the magic sound effects as part of a magic animation or simply use them as a standalone. Magic combinations available are endless! Get started with this Magic Sound Effect Bundle now!

Read the Tutorial blog post: https://wowsound.com/rpg-magic-pack-tutorial/

What’s included in the Bundle?

3 SFX Libraries, 800+ High-Quality files, 2 Music, 200+ MB

  • Magic spell sound effects (Buffs, Debuffs, Heals, Negative Spells, Neutral Spells, Positive Spells, and Revives, retro JRPG-style and modern RPG style spells)
  • Basic Attacks & Impacts (Magic Wand Swooshes, Punches, Magic Combos & Impacts Ranging from Small to Large)
  • Elemental Spells (Fire, wind, water, plant, electric and ice)
  • Weapon & Designed Spells (Magic punches, sword slashes, combo spells, VFX inspired spells)
  • Miscs & 2 Music (Boss Appear, Monster Dies, Skill Unlock, UIs, Teleport)

1. RPG Magic Sound Effects Pack
2. RPG Magic Sound Effects Pack 2
3. Game Jingles & 8-Bit Sound Effects Pack

Complete SFX List:
RPG Magic SFX 1: PDF
RPG Magic SFX 2: PDF
Game Jingle & 8-Bit SFX PDF

FORMAT: wav – stereo, 44.1kHz, 16bit



⚬ Save up to $45.70 (reg. price $$144.70 for All Media License)
⚬ Purchasing this bundle allows use for BOTH Media and Video Games!

[ License ]
Single-user. Unlimited audience reach, units, commercial and non-commercial games, videos, and media projects. Full License Details.



Media ID Variation Trackname Time BPM Download
13295 Magic Bundle Demo 1 RPG Magic SFX DEMO 1 01:14
13296 Magic Bundle Demo 2 RPG2: Category of All Magic Spells 02:59
13297 Magic Bundle Demo 3 Game Jingles 8-Bit SFX Video Demo 00:29


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