Magic Sound Effect Bundle [ 3 var ]

Twin RPG Magic sound effect Pack and more!

3 SFX Libraries, 800+ High-Quality files, 2 Music, 200+ MB

Hey magic heroes, this collection of ready-to-use magic sound effect packs is enough to get you started on a magical adventure! Create an ear heaven magic sound experience for games, media, and projects with these exciting magic sound effects! These magical sound effects come in adaptable layers, variations, and combos for you to mix & match to create a unique and fitting sound to any magic audio in mind! Magic sound combinations available are endless! Get started with this Magic Sound Effect Bundle now!

What’s Inside this magic sound effect bundle!?

Buff spells, debuff spells, heal sound effect, dark magic sound effect, fairy dust magic sound effect, magic wand casting spell sound effect, negative spells, neutral spells, positive spells, revives and resurrection spells, magic sparkles, twinkle sfx, magic swooshes &  magic impacts sounds ranging from small to large, designed magic spells (JRPG-style, – Japanese Role Playing Game and modern RPG – Role Playing Game), portal sound effects, and ‘weapon’ spells (magic punches, sword slashes and more!).


1. Save up to $24 (reg. price $$123)
– Purchasing RPG Magic Sound Effect Bundle VS Individual packs (All Media license, including Game license) 


1. RPG Magic Sound Effects Pack
2. RPG Magic Sound Effects Pack 2
3. Game Jingles & 8-Bit Sound Effects Pack

[ Format ]
wav – stereo, 44.1kHz, 16bit

[ Tutorial – How does the RPG Magic Packs work? ]
Read the blog post: https://wowsound.com/rpg-magic-pack-tutorial/

[ License ]
Single-user. Unlimited audience reach, units, commercial and non-commercial games, videos and media projects. Full License Details.



13295DemoRPG Magic SFX 01:14
13296DemoRPG Magic SFX 2 02:59
13297DemoGame Jingles and 8-Bit SFX 00:29
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