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Enter into a fantasy world as a traveler or an adventurer with vast, beautiful landscapes, villages, and towns accompanied by these 5 orchestrally arranged music themes. Each of these music tracks is beautifully crafted with memorable melodies that create a strong nostalgia lasting impression of the game. These music tracks are also calm, relaxing, emotional, and tugs on the heartstrings of your players. This music pack serves as a support to the compelling story that you are telling. The pack also includes 10 music stingers, as well as ending stinger to all the music tracks!

[ Format ] wav – stereo, 48kHz, 16bit


Light RPG Music Pack 3 Ambiance [ 1 var ]

Enjoy a relaxing, light-hearted, and slow-paced fantasy adventure with these 5 music tracks in our new Light RPG Music series. The soundtracks, including 6 sound effects, were made to express the beauty, joy, and magic of any fantasy open-worlds, charming fairytales, or any heartfelt old legends. Bring your audience to a brand new world now! 

[ Format ]
wav – stereo, 48kHz, 16bit

[ Credit – Character Art]
URL: http://www.jewel-s.jp/

[ To Note ]
Wind sound effects in the YouTube demo video are not included in the pack

19258LRPG3 Battle of the Elves [4 var]$9.90
19279LRPG3 Daybreak [3 var]$9.90
19299LRPG3 Enchanted Forest [4 var]$9.90
19320LRPG3 Nocturnal [4 var]$9.90
19341LRPG3 Small Town Boy [4 var]$9.90
19409LRPG3 Long Negative Stinger [1 var]$1.19 0:07
19386LRPG3 Long Positive Stinger [1 var]$1.19 0:08
19389LRPG3 Negative Music Jingle Loop [1 var]$2.90
19364LRPG3 Positive Music Jingle Loop [1 var]$2.90
19383LRPG3 Short Negative Stinger [1 var]$1.19 0:05
19363LRPG3 Short Positive Stinger [1 var]$1.19 0:04
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