Military background music for war, siege, and battles! Have a listen to our music collection with a variety of moods and intensity for superheroes films or movie, action games, documentaries, historical film, trailer, and many other projects!

Featuring a variety of moods, intensity, and music arrangement and instrumentation to fit scenes from conquering a city, fighting a battle to protecting your nation from invaders. Powerful, uplifting, dramatic war game music track with big orchestral strings, majestic choir, thick brass, and heavy percussions conveys a spirit of bravery and invincibility, strife and resistance, perfect for epic war battles scenes — hybrid Orchestral music pieces with a blend of orchestral instruments, electronic elements, and various music genre to give you the extra edge and modern vibe. Most of our royalty free war music tracks come in different duration and mixes and are loopable. Download our music tracks and try them in your projects before buying!


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