Are you looking for futuristic and electronic music tracks for a game or project? Browse our selection of futuristic, sci-fi and edgy electronic music tracks now!

From this hand-curated and high-quality collection of music, you can find music that sounds hi-tech with elements of cinematic music and hybrid sounds. Instruments used for the recording of this track includes electric guitars, drums, percussions, synthesizers, and others. From exploring the space, racing in the electronic world to getting trapped in a digital world and fighting a way to escape, you can find music suitable for these scenarios. The collection works well with retro, futuristic projects as well as for sci-fi trailers, sci-fi game trailers and presentations, 80s futurism videos and graphics, films and commercials that need the 80s cinematic electronic music (Stranger Things style) and so on. All music tracks in this collection are of high-quality and loopable!

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