Have a listen to our collection of background music that enhances the comedy, playful factor in your projects!

Add music into your story help to create and intensify the silly mood! This music selection consists of music tracks that are playful, funny, cute and quirky with an uplifting and humorous vibe. From bright, positive and happy orchestral cartoon tracks with uplifting mood to quirky, sneaky and even instrumental tracks for dark humor, you can find something fitting for every scene. This music collection is Ideal for silly and sweet games, commercials, comedy, light-hearted happy family videos, children’s video, animation, and cartoon. Put a smile on your gamers and viewer’s faces! Life is not always serious and gloomy all the time. Now is the time to unwind, be silly and laugh to your heart’s content! All amazing music tracks from this collection are of high-quality and loopable.

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