Royalty Free Game Music Bundles

Best Value Bundles – Royalty-free game music and game sound effect for video games!

Pick up a game music bundle to unlock all licenses for video game and media! Use them over and over again for an unlimited number of video games, media, and projects. Royalty free music for indie games and video games.

Cute Casual Music Bundle

9 Music Libraries, 58 Tracks, 101 SFX, 1.6GB

Cute Casual Music Bundle contains 9 royalty free game music libraries, including our best music pack seller, the ‘Casual Game Music’ series. All game music packs comes with sound effects, music stingers, and music jingles specially designed for casual games! 

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Fantasy Music Bundle

11 Music Libraries, 48 Tracks, 74 SFX, 1.9GB

Fantasy Music Bundle – A selection of 11 fantasy themed game music library across a wide range of fantasy genre, ranging from dark to beautiful, peaceful, epic, and emotional music. This fantasy royalty free game music bundle will provide all the essential music needed to create a magical experience for your video games!

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Relaxing Fantasy Music Bundle

26 Music Tracks from 13 Music Libraries, 92 Files, 1.2GB

Relaxing Fantasy Music Bundle is a curated list of 26 of our most beautiful fantasy music tracks across 13 fantasy music libraries. Bring your listeners to a brand new fantasy world with this peaceful music, immersive music, meditation music, harp music, and thematic and soothing music. 

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Magic SFX Bundle

3 SFX Libraries, 800+ files, 200+ MB

Looking for RPG magic sound effects!? Look no further! This video game sound effects bundle consists of our best seller of all time ‘RPG Magic SFX’ and ‘RPG Magic SFX 2’! Great for RPG and JRPG, and for that extra retro feel, we also included ‘Game Jingles & 8-Bit SFX’ in the bundle. 

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The Ultimate Bundle

38 Libraries, 175 Music Tracks, 1144 SFX, 5.4GB, 1800+ files

The Overlord library – 38 curated royalty free game music and SFX libraries. This Ultimate Bundle covers a great genre of video game music for every style of games. The best saving deal you can find! One price includes all license for unlimited video games, media and projects!

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