Enter another world, into a new dimension where anything can happen! A magical fantasy world awaits you.

This vast collection of fantasy background music surely satisfy the needs of any fantasy world. Music tracks in this collection take you from enjoying walking through a beautiful forest or exploring an underwater world to fighting epic battles with dragons on a mountain peak. Fantasy game music for abandoned mines, woods, mountains, dungeons, and many other scenes and scenarios are here. Go on a fantasy quest now with fantasy RPG music that is hand-curated, of high quality, original and loopable. This fantasy music collection is perfect for Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and Role-playing games (RPG). Each of these fantasy music pack also comes with music stingers and cues that help to keep a consistent theme, tone and overall mood to your gameplay. Have a listen to the full demo tracks and download them before committing to buy.

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    • Dark Mystery Music Pack [Tale of Two Sisters]

      7 Dark mystery music ranging from a piano arrangement to full orchestral pieces. Works great for mystery ...
    • RPG Magic Sound Effects Pack

      A total of 214 high quality and unique magic sound effects suitable for RPG, Battle Arena and ...
    • Cartoon Spooky Music Pack

      7 Music and 4 Event Stingers! Fun, playful and spooky adventurous music for any Halloween, mysterious and ...
    • Tree of Life Music Pack

      Beautiful, breathtaking and immersive music that brings the game to life, adding a magical, mystical yet adventurous ...
    • Immersive Dark Ambient Music Pack

      6 loop-able dark and immersive music soundscapes are minimal yet luscious with depth to create an immersive ...
    • The Adventure Begins Music Pack

      2 exciting and adventurous orchestral music to kickstart your game! Music is grand and uplifting, perfect for ...
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