W.O.W Sound Starter Pack [ 1 var ]

[ Freebies ] Starter Pack includes 5 music tracks and 6 sound effects!

Would like to try out some of our music and sound effects before purchasing? Here is a free starter pack for you to try some out! All music and sound effects are chosen from our existing Music Packs!

Music List

  1. CGM_Level 2 – no per
  2. CGM3_Treehouse_SPRING_Lite_1_Loop
  3. CR2_Jealousy_Lite_Loop
  4. CS_Safe Haven – Short Loop
  5. SB_In-Game Theme_02_30s

SFX List

  1. CGM_Game Lose 1 (fast)
  2. CGM3_Cute_Chirpy_Button_03_2
  3. CGM3_Save_Load_02_2
  4. LQ_Win_Sting_01_3
  5. TD_Negative_Sting_02_02

[ Format ]
wav – stereo, 44.1kHz, 16bit

[ License ]
Use it freely under the Creative Commons License in your multimedia project (games, online videos, websites, animations, etc.) as long as you credit W.O.W Sound with a link to our website.

[ More Information ]
For more information on the individual tracks, please click here.



10193Demo TrackW.O.W Sound Starter Pack0:50
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