Have a look at our most extensive collection of the casual game inspired music tracks and sound effects!

A comprehensive curated collection of audio assets that are perfect for casual and puzzle games! These game audio assets are inspired by games such as the Nintendo Animal Crossing Series, Pangya, Amnesia, Harvest Moon, Candy Crush and Tsum Tsum. Music genre ranges from anime soundtrack music, arcade music, children music to electronic lo-fi and fantasy style! Music tracks here are mostly warm, sweet, cute and happy. They are bound to evoke feelings of joy and satisfaction in your players or viewers! All audio assets are hand-curated, of high quality, original and loopable. Each of these music pack also comes with music stingers and cues that help to keep a consistent theme, tone and overall mood to your gameplay. Have a listen to each of the full demo tracks to hear for yourself how adorable and charming this collection sounds.

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  • Light Quiz Music Pack

    Immerse your quiz games with our 6 unique music loops, ...
  • Fun Action Music Pack

    5 Music with variations and sped up version, 8 music ...
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