Browse our incredible collection of gameplay inspired music tracks and sound effects selection that is very fitting for the quiz, educational games, app, video animation, and any audio production!

A collection of audio assets that are perfect for a mobile app, puzzle, cartoon animated games, trivia, party or logic games! Music tracks are relaxing, and comfortable to listen to because most of the music tracks are composed to take a backseat to let the player concentrate on solving quizzes and puzzles. Music track options for a faster-paced, dynamic and complicated quizzes or puzzle games are available here as well! All music tracks are hand-curated, of high quality, original and loopable. Each of these music pack also comes with music stingers and cues that help to keep a consistent theme, tone and overall mood to your gameplay. Try them out by downloading the watermarked tracks before committing to buy!

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  • Cute Electronic Puzzle Music Pack

    Add spark, fun, and excitement to your game with these ...
  • Light Quiz Music Pack

    Immerse your quiz games with our 6 unique music loops, ...