Browse video game fight music and sound effects that are perfect for battle scenes, extreme and casual sports, or any action-packed and fast-paced games and projects. 

An extensive collection of action game music for all the different game genre and game styles you may have! Royalty free action music that comes at you with grand orchestral arrangement and dynamic drums, Futuristic action music that bursts with edgy synths, Casual Action music that is cute yet intense to give the games or projects the energy and tension it needs! Video game fight music for battles in the middle ages and the Asian territories settings where you conquer and infiltrate the enemies, and Retro 8-bit Style music for the nostalgic pixel games! These fighting game soundtracks are also excellent for Role-playing games (RPG), Real-time Strategy Games (RTS), First Person Shooter (FPS), Open World, Survival, Runner, Racing game! All of our action music is copyright free!

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  • Cartoon Action Music Pack

    Go on an epic and heroic adventure to kill fearsome foes and complete exciting quests with these ...
  • Cinematic Orchestral Adventure Music Pack

    Cinematic Orchestral Adventure features 5 Epic Adventure music tracks with both orchestral and digital elements. Dynamic and ...
  • Battle RPG Music Pack

    Strengthen your battle experiences with these 4 frantic, epic and intense battle music tracks! Suitable for fighting ...
  • RPG Magic Sound Effects Pack 2

    Brand new Magic Sound Effects Pack 2 with 446 high-quality magic sound effects for your RPG, Battle ...
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    5.00 out of 5
  • Pixel Platformer Music Pack

    Need music for your Pixel Platformer or Side Scroller game? This pack was inspired by modern retro ...
  • Electronic Action Music Pack

    3 Music pieces with various intensity levels. 3 Music Jingles, 4 Win/Lose Stingers and 11 SFXs! Great ...
  • RPG Magic Sound Effects Pack

    A total of 214 high quality and unique magic sound effects suitable for RPG, Battle Arena and ...
  • Cartoon Spooky Music Pack

    7 Music and 4 Event Stingers! Fun, playful and spooky adventurous music for any Halloween, mysterious and ...
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